Sunday, January 29, 2006

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It must be argued that the concept of reincarnation and the astral body must have somewhat the same origin. My belief is that the spirit evolves over time by passages from body to spirit and spirit to body. Most theologies that support reincarnation tend to believe in Karma - the concept that your actions in this life will affect the next. In some ways I would agree with this but not in the same way that Hinduism does. I don't believe the path to light or darkness means you pay or are on a similar road in the next life. I think your reincarnated life is a new experience - ways to explore the world in another complementary way. Like evolution and change in nature I believe the spirit grows and evolves as well - close to the beliefs of theosophy.

I found an interesting article on the origin and condemnation of reincarnation in the Christian church.

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