Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Even Seen your Parallel?

A story: a couple "had gone out to dinner with friends and were sitting in the restaurant bar when Don...left the group and moved into an empty stool in one corner of the barroom. Bernice said that she'd let him go so that he could be alone for a while...but that a few minutes later she'd looked up to see Don in animated conversation- with himself! Laughing affectionately, she'd pointed this out to their friends. However, when they drove back home that evening, Bernice said that she'd started to tease Don for talking to himself...and he reacted with angry astonishment. "What do you mean, talking to myself?" he demanded. "For God's sake, I was talking to that old guy all night long!" "What old guy?" Bernice asked, puzzled. "I didn't see any old guy-you were sitting by yourself." Stunned, Don had yelled at her to "stop making stupid jokes!" Bernice said that it took some doing on her part to convince Don that she wasn't up to some elaborate put-on. Don had seen and talked with "a very nice old fellow" for a couple of hours, and as far as Don was concerned, the old guy was as real as Bernice and their friends. "Don said that for some reason, he just spilled all his problems out to this old man,"..."He said that he didn't know why he thought a stranger would care, but the old man listened very carefully and asked him some smart, thought-provoking questions." .p130 Conversations with Seth

Do parallel lives and universes exist? Have you ever encountered a dream or even reality of a parallel life? In a many worlds view of the physical universe perhaps this is not so far fetched.

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