Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visions in the Astral Plane - Some Thoughts

I recently had some interesting experiences around visual images within my mind and their relation to astral travel and remote viewing. I've started to discover that the types of imagery within my mind have different properties based on the kind of inner visual streaming I'm doing. This is different than projections into the astral plane - more akin to brain images.

astral projection visionsLet's look a bit deeper at this. Have you ever examined how visual images form in your mind while thinking about the differences based on you state or current level of emotion? Many times I've had odd images streaming away in my mind that I've attributed to daydreams, light sleep, dreams or visualization. Never have I thought about the properties of each.

This all came together for me one morning where I had trouble falling asleep after a very vivid dream. Later, as I was attempting to go back to sleep I noticed something odd about how my inner visions appearing in my mind's eye. The first thing I noticed was how visions started slipping into my mind as I was nearing a light sleep. They were distinctly in a different part of my sleep vision than my dream or a memory from the day before.

If I can explain it this way - the visual images from the dream seem to form somewhat above my eyesight - near the third eye. They are very strong at first but fade rapidly. Whereas, the visual image of my memory talking to a person yesterday seemed to appear directly in front of my closed eyes - mostly clear with colors and discernible faces. But, the visions that were randomly slipping through my mind seems to be slightly fluid - with some form and were to either the left or right side of my closed, direct eyesight line.

These images would start to appear such that when I focused on them more would appear while flowing by. After a minute or two I could actually start to make out a location such as trees, buildings, rooms, etc. Now, I've never been successful at remote viewing but I think this is a start.

As an experiment I would like someone to comment with two coordinate numbers that I have no idea what they represent other than a geographic location known only to the sender. Perhaps I'll be able to use my new inner vision technique to understand remote viewing better.

If you want to learn more about remote viewing check out the Defense Intelligence Agency's CRV Manual.