Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ways to Leave Your Body

I found this recently on ways to leave your body.

Sixteen Ways to Leave Your Body

1. Imagine a mirror image of yourself twenty feet behind you. Imagine yourself moving backwards towards it.

2. Imagine a mirror image of yourself six feet in front of you. "Urge" yourself towards it.

3. Try to urge yourself eighteen inches above your physical head.

4. Imagine your astral power steaming out of the pores of your body and condensing into a double above you.

5. Imagine yourself climbing a rope or ladder.

6. Imagine yourself as a point of light floating on top of water in a rapidly filling tank. Your task is to exit through a tiny hole in the roof of the tank.

7. Imagine what it feels like to breathe through your ears.

More can be found at: Spiritual Media Sharing