Monday, January 09, 2006

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The Seth Material

I was reading Seth again and always find it to be a great source of astral material and instruction. If you haven't read any of the Seth series of books I highly recommend them. Here is a quote about the levels of the astral world:

"...forms one, two and three. Form one will spring out of an ordinary dream state. In spontaneous projections, you may become conscious in form one, project, return to the ordinary dream state and from there project again several times. You can expect these particular projections to be difficult to interpret now....your excursions with form one will be within your own system, largely connected to the earth, although past, present and future may be involved....If you realize your are projecting, you may simply order any unpleasant phantams to disappear, and they will do so. In form two you will not, as a rule, encounter any subconscious phantoms. Ordinary dream elements will not be as frequent, nor will they intrude as much. A longer duration projection is possible. The vividness is extraordinary. Here you will begin to perceive quite clearly constructions that are not your own, where earlier these are but dimly glimpsed....Some [constructions] will exist in your future. Some may have existed in your past, and some where thought of, but never materialized....You may find yourself in a room with certain people....It is possible for you to project yourself into one of your own future landscapes."

-Seth Session 262, May 25, 1966

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