Monday, December 28, 2015

Astral Projection and Pineal Gland - What our Government Knows

Well, I understand that it has been nearly 5 years since I've posted in this blog. So much has happened in my life from graduate school, found and lost kinships to many deaths near and dear to me. It's been probably the most difficult time in my life. However, I've always kept a watchful eye on any out of body types of reports or articles but have left dormant my own practice and abilities.

Where does that leave us in 2016? One thing that has bothered me in the last 5 years has been the increasing Government disclosure on funded programs to enhance OBE abilities. I've read many books in this half decade and keep stumbling across bits and pieces of evidence that our Government at very high, clandestine levels has been utilizing psychic and astral abilities in both internal espionage and supposed exo-planetary communications.

Now, I know this sounds quite odd that this would be a surprise to me considering the remote viewing (RV) military experiments conducted in the 70s and 80s. But, the extra element that wasn't in the RV material was the work with exo-biological communications - or, in other words, communication with aliens. If you haven't read Dan Sherman's 'Above Black' I strongly suggest that you do. You can find it for free here and here. Also, this good interview is enlightening background as well.

I'll let you read the story but the quick background is that hidden behind the black projects of our Government is a higher level of projects that is so secret that even the President may or may not know of it. One of these projects that has been hinted at is a communications program with aliens which originated from UFO/alien contact in the 1950s and extended from there. 

I really don't care about getting into all of the UFO mythos right now. So, where am I going with this? Simply that those of us who have practiced astral projection without a giant government agenda supporting our efforts might be missing out on where secret governmental science is in stimulating an astral response.

Read this quote and tell me what you think:
"A lot of beings use the pineal gland and their light body to project their consciousness and inner selves to other physical locations and then send that information back through that connection into their physical bodies and then change the vibrations of their physical bodies to match the vibration of the location that they are at and then the body teleports to that location and rejoins the consciousness or what some people are saying are having out-of-body experiences or projecting their minds – a lot of different terminology for what these more advanced beings were doing."
This was taken from an interview with Cory Goode which I also suggest that you read. These are only a couple of sources. But, as you dig deeper you find that pineal gland stimulation is part of a larger program to use OBEs for both national defense as well as somewhat more nefarious things (always in the name of defense, of course). What you have to remember, however, is that material like this is shrouded with layers and layers of cover stories to confuse, deflect and mix the real information with surreal information.

But, I do think the work using the pineal gland is definitely true. Just what it is exactly is hard to determine. Clearly, some earlier works have pointed at the pineal gland and OBEs before. There are conspiracy theories like this one - which I think is over-the-top silliness.  I just don't know where the original research came from. Nevertheless, you should keep a watchful eye on ways to stimulate the pineal if you want to enhance your astral projection efforts.