Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Astral Projection Testimonial

This comes from the amazing testimonials of Dr. Riblet Hout, a osteopathic doctor from Indiana. He was blessed with an amazing amount of psychic abilities that he tried very hard to hide in order to protect his profession. Yet, he was a healer and astral traveler who could communicate with spirits.

I'm currently reading his memoirs and found this interesting story:

"I first placed myself in a comfortable position in an easy chair that I usually use for my experiences, in the locked study, and sat back for a few minutes of reverie and relaxation....So, I sat back resting, my eyes closed in this comfortable chair, and George [a spirit guide] appeared instantly at my side, just as soon as I had relaxed and had beguy to breathe deeply and rhythmically.

Simply and easily, and almost suddenly but nearly inperceptibly, I felt myself drawn out of my body, through my head, at the back of my neck.

This time I was surrounded by light - bright light - all about me, and a feeling of power, a feeling of energy, surging through everything. And this particular time, no force was needed to jerk me free from physical bonds.

And then I floated vertically and easily upward, out and away from that physical room. After a brief sensation of drifting upward, I found myself in a new but very natural environment. I seemed to be in a grove or park which extended as far as I could see. All was beauty, symmetry, and naturalness....I found myself in the center of a circle of trees; I was sitting in a comfortable chair....And then I sat up and looked and watched the approaching spirits with interest. They came closer, and I was both elated and surprised when I recognized them. The were old, almost-forgotten friends from my old hometown. And they were coming up to greet me.

And in this peaceful setting my glance instinctively took me down to the path, toward which all the others were looking, and there comingg radiantly toward me in all the etheric presence, walked my arisen mother....My being fully blended with hers, and this moment seemed the supreme happiness of my existence."

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  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I believe you, that you had an out of body experience. this is normal for everyone. some remember some don't. you must be very smart in some ways.

  2. A beautful energy is emitted from this post. A reader experiences an almost indescribable serenity. You remind blog visitors that there is far more to the soul, far more to life experience, that many human beings permit themselves to savor. Learning to let go and surrender to what is changes everything.

  3. John Godschalk1:12 AM

    This is an excellent example of the freedom and joy experienced with astral travel. I have found some good experiences listed at
    They show the possibilities available to all of us.

  4. Thanks a lot for that very straightforward explanation

  5. that dose sound nice,
    Today I was sitting out side in the sun relaxed and I seen a poll going up to the sky while my eyes where closed, I followed it and was shocked when my head felt like it moved up but I didn't move. maybe this was me trying to leave my body? I will try again tomorrow.