Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Astral Projection Stories - Early History

It is interesting to trace the history of astral projection and reincarnation doctrine among ancient cultures. In spite of the decided opinions, and the differing theories of the various writers on this subject, who would give Egypt, or India, or the lost Atlantis, as the birthplace of the doctrine, there does not seem to be a belief that such ideas are but attempts to attribute a universal intuitive belief to some specific culture. Whether the doctrine of Reincarnation ever "originated" anywhere, as a new and distinct doctrine is uncertain. It may have sprang into existence whenever and wherever man arrived at a stage of intellectual development sufficient to enable him to form a mental conception of a Something that lived after Death.

No matter from what source this belief in a "ghost" originated, it must be admitted that it is found among all peoples, and is apparently an universal idea. And, running along with it in ancient cultures, we find that there is, and always has been, an idea, more or less vague and indistinct, that somehow, someway, sometime, this "ghost" of the person returns to earthly existence and takes upon itself a new fleshly garment-a new body.

Here, then, is where the idea of Reincarnation begins-everywhere, at a certain stage of human mental development. It runs parallel with the "ghost" idea, and seems bound up with that conception in nearly every case. When man evolves a little further, he begins to reason that if the "ghost" is immortal, and survives the death of the body, and returns to take upon itself a new body, then it must have lived before the last birth, and therefore must have a long chain of lives behind it. This is the second step. The third step is when man begins to reason that the next life is dependent upon something done or left undone in the present life. And upon these three fundamental ideas the doctrine of Reincarnation has been built.

Spiritualists claim that in addition to this universal idea, which is more or less intuitive, people have received more or less instruction, from time to time, from certain advanced souls which have passed on to higher planes of existence, and who are now called the Masters, Adepts, Teachers, Race Guides, etc., etc. But whatever may be the explanation, it remains a truth that man seems to have worked out for himself, in all times and in all places, first, an idea of a "ghost" which persists after the body dies; and second, that this "ghost" has lived before in other bodies, and will return again to take on a new body. There are various ideas regarding "heavens" and "hells," but underlying them all there persists this idea of re-birth in some of its phases.

The earlier travelers in Africa have reported that here and there they found evidences and traces of what was to them "a strange belief" in the future return of the soul to a new body on earth. The early explorers of America found similar traditions and beliefs among the Native Americans, survivals of which exist even unto this day. It is related of a number of tribes, in different parts of the world, that they place the bodies of their dead children by the roadside, in order that their souls may be given a good chance to find new bodies by reason of the approaching of many traveling pregnant women who pass along the road. A number of these cultures hold to the idea of a complex soul, composed of several parts, in which they resemble the Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, and in fact all mystical and occult philosophies.

The Fiji Islanders are said to believe in a black soul and a white soul, the former of which remains with the buried body and disintegrates with it, while the white soul leaves the body and wanders as a "ghost," and afterward, tiring of the wandering, returns to life in a new body. The natives of Greenland are said to believe in an astral body, which leaves the body during sleep, but which perishes as the body disintegrates after death; and a second soul which leaves the body only at death, and which persists until it is reborn at a later time. In fact, nearly all of the primitives races, and those semi-civilized, show traces of a belief in a complex soul, and a trace of doctrine of Reincarnation in some form.

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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I too am a fan of spirituality, not so much astral projection, but gurus like Ammachi, Hari Dass and others. AND, the reason I'm posting is MY name is Don James (really) as well, haha. There are lots of Don Jameses of course, surfing photographer, sports coach, but you're the first one at all like me.

    Don James

  2. As Jesus said, a man is damned for eternity.
    We live only one time, but many many reincarnations!
    In order to remember your past lives, you must rise your consciousness...

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I'm a believer who used to think astral projection was demonic. Now that I know a bit more, it seems to me that developing this part of your brain should not be considered something bad in and of itself. God's perfect will is that we all gain 100 percent use of our minds eventually. I've heard horror stories of demonic attacks from some astral travelers, but done under the divine protection of Christ and His holy angels, it's a wonderful new adventure. When projecting, ask the Lord to blind and deafen the demons' awareness to your presence on "The Plane". Arm and shield yourself with a close relationship to God with heartfelt prayer and reading of the Word.

  4. Finding the path said:
    The initial blog of Don is highly appreciated - the topic is relevant when looked into it from the old civilisations point of view - all seem to converge; but unfortunately things seems to have gone wrong with the advent of chritianism. (Note that I have nothing against Chritianism, I myself believe in Jesus Christ, and firmly believe he walked the earth for the spiritual betterment of denizens of the earth. But the people following or trying to follow his path have bend the idelogies to suit their own agenda.