Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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The Deep Theta Sound

The Theta sound is used as a guide to the Theta brain levels. If you want to know how to hear an Alpha or Theta sound can modify your brain levels read The Alpha Centering Sound
Much lower than Alpha (7 to 14 cycles per second) it´s the Theta level (4 to 7 cycles per second), and we can receive great benefits by using this level.
Each time that we activate our mind, it seeks the first place where it can function deductively. If we are meditating at an Alpha level, when we activate it, the brain goes up to Beta, but if we activate it while being at the Theta levels, then it will only go up to Alpha, where we still are at deep levels
The Theta sound can also be used to practice the mind control exercises that are supposed to be done at Alpha level, because as the Theta sound pulses at exactly half the rate of Alpha, it´s easy for the brain to have one Alpha beat for every two beats of the Theta sound.
And since the Theta sound beats at a slower rate, the brain is attracted to a lower rate of pulsing, and makes it easier to remain at alpha.
The problems that we want to correct with mind control techniques must be within our reach. Our mind needs to have enough information about a problem to be able to correct it, and if we have never reached the Theta level, then it is closed to us.
Every time that we enter into the Theta level with conscious awareness, that opens that level to us, and puts it within our reach.
And if you learn to master the Theta level, you will be able to control physical pain without taking medicines.
It is said that limiting belief systems could be rooted there because they are usually seeded at an early age.
If a 5 year old child is told that he is stupid, he will simply accept it, because at that age he is not able to react deductively. He loves his parents, he belief in his parents and he just records in his brain cells what his parents tell him.
At hat age, his overall predominant brain frequency will be 5 cycles per second (children frequencies are much slower than adults), so every impression will be made at a very low frequencies.
When those levels come within our reach, then we can program ourselves to reach our goals, and if the limiting belief is rooted in theta, our mind can correct it.
There´s another good reason to open up the Theta levels to our reach, and it is to be able to work over our biological intelligence.
While psychological health problems are rooted at Alpha level (ten cycles per second), biological health problems are rooted at Theta level (five cycles per second).
Theta level is the level that the hypnotists use to have teeth pulled, and even to have surgery, without the use anesthetics.
Our body know how to heal ourselves, but many times they need that we remove the interferences to healing to let nature take care of its natural course.
In mind control exercises we use Alpha level, but do the yogis use Alpha level?
No, they don´t. They use Theta level.
Alpha level is good for a mind that wants to be activated, but Theta level is the level desired for those that want to practice yoga´s passive meditation.
So if you want to practice yoga, if you want to work over your life´s argument or want to practice astral travel. Then you need to master the theta levels, and the easiest way to do it is to practice with my Theta Sound CD
Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Roberto_Bonomi

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  1. I appreciate your posting this article about deep theta sound--albeit it's an advertisement more than an article. I certainly respect much of what the author says. However, he is inaccurate in one of his claims: That yogis don't "use" alpha state but only use theta state in "passive meditation."

    First, his use of the phrases "alpha state" and "theta state" are misleading--and fairly outdated--phrases in neuroscience. They imply that our brains either have alpha brain wave rhythms or theta alpha brain wave rhythms. Actually, our prefrontal cortices typically reflect a preponderance of one or the other. So, a person's brain may reflect a predominance of alpha rhtyhms while also possessing some theta rhythms or vice-versa. Thus, a yogi doesn't actually "use" alpha or theta rhythms.

    Second, the author's reference to yoga's "passive meditation" is misleading and inaccurate. The aim of yogic meditation--as with Buddhist mindfulness meditation--is not to be passive or completely relaxed but to be alert and aware while relaxed, to be able to witness one's relaxed state of thinking and non-thinking. One of the most ancient and consistent practices among the varied yogic traditions is eka-grata, or one-pointedness. It's a form of singular concentration that many yogis enter in asana yoga poses and in meditation; that runners experience in runner's flow; that writers and artists and others experience in creative flow. Brain studies have shown for over twenty years that when yogis enter this state of singular concentration they have a preponderance of alpha rhythms in their left prefrontal cortex.

    Similarly, when some yogis are in deep meditation, they may have predominantly theta rhythms with some alpha rhythms. In one study, some of the yogis could maintain this state even while scientists dipped their hands in cold water or rang a bell. The yogis were relaxed while actively aware; they were not passive.

    Finally, there is what is called Yoga Nidra--the yoga of deep sleep--that most readily shifts yoga practitioners' left prefrontal cortex rhythms to theta waves. This practice, without the aid of machines, allows practitioners to resolve deep problems as this article's author correctly noted. The most prominant yoga teacher of this practice--Amrit Desai--also notes that "the goal of Yoga Nidra is not relaxation; the goal is awareness."

    Thanks, again, for your work. I hope these comments are useful.


  2. Actually, I was wrong in saying the article was more of an advertisement. It's actually quite informative and genuine.

  3. That's alright, Jeff. I appreciate the comments. Yes, I do agree somewhat that using free articles from other sources typically involves a product or service. I thought it was a pretty good article. But, excellent opinion from you nontheless!

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

  5. I'm glad you point out the importance of theta level for mind control techniques. A lot of people want the benefits of mind control, but they don't want to do the training to bridge the awareness with the alpha training and then to learn to function consciously at theta.

    I have people asking me about healing techniques not working for them for relationships or physical issues or for getting answers to projects, yet they've not bothered to get to and function consciously with alpha and theta.

    Thanks for the article!

    Jim Knippenberg