Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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How to Induce an OBE

Probably the hardest part of trying to have an out of body experience is the preparation to achieve the very first projection. From all of the authors I have read it is almost exclusively one thing that is most important when preparing - mental relaxation. Most people seem to focus so much on technique that the mental aspect is overshadowed. In fact, some report that the spontaneous OBE occurs unexpectedly in a different session after an earlier concentrated session of meditation and self-hypnotic periods.

Here is a list of mental/physical states from Robert Peterson - from his book Lessons Out of the Body - on OBE induction:

"Full - Full (waking) consciousness
Relaxing - Relaxing the body until you can't feel it
F10 - Body asleep / mind awake
Hypnagogic - Beginning of hypnagogic imagery (see earlier blog posting)
Paralysis - Sleep paralysis
Vibs - Vibrations are felt
Vibs Suf - Vibrations are sufficient to start the separation
Separation - The point of separation

... At each of the milestones, you may have a different state of mind. State of mind is a complex matter. There are many variables involved, such as how much emotion you feel and how much thought you are processing...If you are serious about learning to induce OBEs, but nothing seems to work, this chapter is meant to help you identify what you are doing wrong. For example, maybe your mind is too noisy when you practice...strive of that perfect, quiet, contemplative state of mind, and let it happen."

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    hey i actiomly sometimes do astral project even without trying when i am asleep or awake as in some terms people call it day dreaming or spacing out i want some insight on how to control it better please if anyone can help me my e-mail is thanx tee

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    When I first started studying OBE it was a Scottish form called "Wind Riding." Years later I found myself having two distinct episodes. The first was brief... I realized what was happening and paniced. It felt like a sucking feeling and I awoke shortly after. The next was more controlled and I could move freely but was too scared to stray to far away from my resting body.

    I have been unable to induce this by will again. I do feel that the preparation does overshadow the ability to relax for the experience.

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    start the relaxation from the feet upward, make sure any cover is not too heavy or chaffing any part of body, preferebly unclothed. your temp should be slightly higher than at normal resting room temp. if you are disturbed by repetitive itches or unsettlement leave till another time. have a very hot bath before attempting and add 1 tbsp of salt, this represents the earths elemants and will protect you while on the astral plane, and will increase conductivity of skin and help magnify vibration. become immobile, literally let go of the responsibility to move anything. once fully physically relaxed, the body doesnt exist, forget it ever did, your conciousness is now in your head alone, feel it like gentle pressure and warmth in your forehead, this way you'll exit through the 3rd eye chakra, at this point you'll feel like your asleep, but in a distant way your mind is still awake, over there somewhere. let your body and mind accept that you are asleep, but your eyes musnt roll back just yet. all the while if, you normally struggle to empty your mind, concentrate on breathing very slowly using three quarters of your lung capacity, each breathe should be identical to the last, but dont count or measure. every breath seems to breathe life energy into you, sending tingling up your spine(spiritual not physical) think of it like the opposite of blowing up a balloon, the breathing in inflates your dna, but breathing out doesnt let it escape, it just makes room for more life energy. providing each breath is long and progressive, you wont fall asleep in mind. dont worry if you wake in the mind thinking i fell asleep and im now awake, realise that your eyes are closed but you can observe your surroundings like vision but with no weight of eye lids, it will seem dark until you choose to observe something, then you should notice a glittery aura around it shedding light upon it as you will it, you will probably feel fearful shortly after due to lack of sensation of gravity, this happens to me every time and snaps me back. you may also get the sensation that someone was present next to you, not sure if this is yourself or what people call spirit guide but pretty sure its benevolent if its not just the sensation of the split conciousness between the astral and physical. if this method just sends you to sleep, try getting excess sleep, over a weekend etc, then doing it so your not so tired. to exercise astral travel while ill with flu is effective, when you feel shaky and weak, because this is the sensation of the etheric body splitting already, as to avoid the dna of the virus getting through your helices into the astral body. epileptics be careful, and never attempt during lightening storm. another method is to sit upright with arms like a dead weight by sides. gently rotate/swivel your body keeping spine rigid so that circumfrence that head makes is larger than the one lower back makes. repeat this many times at same slow speed until sensation of swivelling dies down, then reduce circumfrence of swivel gradually until so small your not sure your still moving, the process should last at least 10 mins and once working, the physical body's rotation will no longer be, as the astral body is now spiralling out of the top of your head slowly. you may hear/feel humming of electrical impulses like a pylon nearby, that is natural. dont over do it if it seemed to fail 1st time, the relaxation process has already given you the equivalent of 2-3 hrs sleep so next time you will be better charged. dont over analyse what did or didnt happen afterwards, as this creates too many neurons related to what the physical brain percieved, and can make future exits more difficult. its not an act of doing something, its the act of stopping doing things and being free again, slowing the momentus mind so it can observe itself. my first obe was when i was very young, about 8. the childs mind acheives this state easier as it is less limited, more vibrational, this is why your child may scream and point to the corner of the room at somthing you cant see. they can tap into other frequencies while mentally stimulated, and try less to control their own mindstate than us adults. i was very ill in bed with chickenpocs or something, during deep sleep i was brought back to the room where i lay, fitting, foaming at the mouth with my father over me panicking and slapping me shouting my name, i quickly found myself smacking back into my physical body to reassure him i was ok, only to hear my own words coming out back to front and slurred, and being annoyed at this, only to slip back out to observe the madness, from this point i knew we as humans were capable of observing many states.

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    is it possible to interact with physical objects while haveing an obe? during the time i thought i had one my guitar managed to be lieing face down on the floor and some papres were strewn about...
    it scared me and i thought there was ETs in my room because of the noise of those objects moving lol.

    i am not positive that it was an obe but i have expirenced sleep paralysis ; and a feeling of being thrown back down into my bed along with buzing specifically in my head.

  5. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I imagine you won't believe this, but recently I was heavily under the influence of spice and I would, without realizing, drift above my body and at the most about 500 feet away and not realize it was me until any friend would say "reality" after that I would drift away again this happened 70 to 100 times over the course of 2 hours. Although during all this I was told I was saying random things and even talking to a tree, all the time I thought I was watching a group of kids in front of me

  6. Anonymous3:57 AM

    i always wake up paralysis/f-10, any advice on how to project from there?

    reply to me at