Monday, October 23, 2006

Ghost Girl

Scary ghost video!

Haunted Houses - Getting Started

I had to take some time off from my online work to get back to some family basics and just take a general break. But now I'm refreshed!

Last night, the family jumped in the car and went ghost hunting at some of our local hauntings. We stopped at Billy's Bar and Grill where a woman apparently is seen looking down from the abandoned 3rd floor window.

It is rumored that this now local bar at one time was a whore house. Not to the liking of the owner at the time she was over powered by her male employees and was unable to keep the establishment a simple tavern for the traveling loggers working on the nearby Rum River. She died up stairs in one of the bedrooms not to soon after the uprising. To this day several people (patrons & employees) have noticed tables set in the morning when arriving to work, pictures on the wall moved around, and simple cleaning tasks done when no one had actually done them. The old maid has also been seen in the bar and restaurant wandering aimlessly.