Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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Etheric Exit Point on the Body

I have read many books and articles on Astral Projection from a number of sources. One question that always comes to mind is 'what part of the physical body does the astral or etheric body leave from?' In most cases people describe leaving from the top of the head..."The chief means of leaving the body is through the head, they maintained, and sometimes the projector will experience him or herself spinning out the of the body...His cas studies include 29 incidents in which the reporters specifically described leaving the body through the head. These were physical sensations, too, and not just images. Having experienced this phenomenon myself, I can vouch for how stunning this effect can be. It often feels as if your inner self were being sucked out right through a hole in the top of your head!"

- D Scott Rogo Leaving the Body.

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