Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Astral Projection Using the Christos Technique

I stumbled across this method of Astral Projecting the other day. This technique requires three people to get setup. One person is the subject and will be prepared by the other two. The goal is to use physical techniques in combination with imagery to induce the OBE.It begins with the projector lying down on his or her back in low or darkly lit room. The two helpers adjust themselves to be positioned at the subject's head and feet. The helpers use a fairly rough touch to disorient and create a warm sensation on the forehead's third eye while holding him/her down at the ankles. The forehead is rubbed over and over for 5 to 10 minutes giving the projector a humming / vibrating feeling. This is done until the subject's skin tingles and he/she starts to feel unusually light.

At this point the projector tires to use imagery to visualize his / her feet stretching out - longer and longer, slowly by an inch or two. Once this feeling is reached the same exercise is repeated with the head - stretching out as well. This visualized motion is repeated over and over until the imagined distance is about two feet. The goal is to finally visualize both at once and feel your astral body swelling to the size of the room. As the subject progresses this can take as long as he/she wants until the desired result is completed.

Now the subject should imaging himself/herself outside the front door of the building they are in and attempt to describe everything they see from colors, shapes, objects, sizes, etc. Slowly the projector should rise up and attempt to visualize/see the surrounding city or landscape. Next, the subject should attempt to alter the visualized scene by imagine day turning into night, having the sun rise and set and turning lights on and off. The last step is to attempt to float off to another visualized land of the subject's choosing. The goal at this point is to have very vivid imagery so detailed that anything can be described in detail.

At any time the projector can stop and come back, relax and take some time to get back to a normal state. If repeated over time this can create an effective way of strengthening imagery and visualization while guiding oneself to a stronger astral projection.

This technique was devised by G. M. Glasking, an Australian journalist.

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  1. Interesting techniques. I never thought to try and imagine any part of my body, or my whole body growing larger. This would seem to be easier than imagineing yourself shifting from your actual physical space.

    I'll be trying imagining my whole body growing next time I try for an OBE.

    I can project but only after I've done my meditation techniques and fallen asleep. I've only once come close to going from fully conscious straight to an OBE. But, I was not prepared for the roaring sound and what seemed like a dark tunnel. Which is I assume a transition.
    Much of your post is what I already do in my personal meditation.
    Check it out at:

  2. I had some success with the Monroe Method. I remember scaring the wits out of myself when I had my first OOBE about thirty years ago. I gave up on using traditional methods after discovering brainwave entrainment. I found Brainwave entrainment to be extremely effective and I can Astral project these days with ease. I created some free software using the technology called the Astral Inducer which can be downloaded from my website if you are interested.

    Rob :)

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    You write very well.

  4. The technique was NOT devised by Mr Glaskin, his books are about his experiences with the method.

  5. You can get the detailed technique here :


  6. Anonymous4:12 PM

    You can get the detailed technique here :