Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Astral Travel: Albert Taylor Pt.1

Parapsychology researcher Dr. Albert Taylor returned to discuss out-of-body experiences (OBEs) as well as physical attacks by spirit entities. The onset of an OBE typically involves three sensations, he detailed: 1) paralysis, where the soul disconnects from the body, 2) vibration, as the transition begins to the astral plane and 3) a roaring or electronic sound. These sensations to get to that state are akin to "returning to your natural state of your soul", he noted.  You can also set your alarm in the middle of your sleep to wake up and then set yourself into a relaxed meditative state. This seems to help getting to an astral event.

There are a number of levels to the astral plane, he said, and as you rise higher vibrationally, you move upwards. Beyond the astral, is the etheric plane, a light body realm where Taylor said he has also journeyed. In those planes he has experienced other souls. "Going into the astral plane and expecting not to have an encounter with ghosts or something, is like going to the ocean and not seeing fish," he said. There seem to be many levels in the astral planes with entities which you can sense.

Taylor has appeared on Art Bell's Coast to Coast a number of times. You can find the audio podcasts here. And here is a select interview:

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Mysterious Doorway of Aramu Muru

Located in the remote mountain region of southern Peru is a mysterious place revered by local Peruvians as 'The Place of the Gods'. Known as the Doorway of Aramu Muru, it stands near the border with Bolivia on Lake Titicaca where Inca legend says life was first created on Earth.

The Doorway of Aramu Muru
The doorway, a squarish stone cut-out in a flat, cliff outcropping, is surrounded by mystery. Hidden in a land full of Inca ceremonial chulpas and other rock-carved temples, the doorway is purported to be a passageway to another dimension. Locals have claimed that people have disappeared and reappeared near the door. Many refuse to get close to the door claiming it to be a portal for the ancient gods. Some have noted strange, tall men accompanied by glowing balls of lights and walking through the doorway.

Some travelers have experienced falling throught the doorway and traveling to another dimension. One witness, Jerry Wills, said "My experience here has been fantastic! I believe I have actually been through the doorway, traveling into another dimension past the universe."

He described a voyage through the universe to another realm. Jerry story continues:

"'I'm back...,' I quietly whispered. I felt it a struggle to move or speak. As I moved closer to my wife I heard her quietly sobbing. I moved closer. When asked if she was all right, I was told how she had seen me vanish. One moment I had been there and the next I seemed to fade away. 'Where were you?', she asked, 'I was afraid you might not come back...' It was clear that she had been frightened by what she had seen. I tried to explain but couldn't relate my experiences to her. I needed time to think. I needed time to understand how to put into words what I had experienced."

You can read more at Doorway to the Universe. No one really understands how to open this portal but it does seem to open if you approach it in the correct way. This is definitely on my future travel plans!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ways to Leave Your Body

I found this recently on ways to leave your body.

Sixteen Ways to Leave Your Body

1. Imagine a mirror image of yourself twenty feet behind you. Imagine yourself moving backwards towards it.

2. Imagine a mirror image of yourself six feet in front of you. "Urge" yourself towards it.

3. Try to urge yourself eighteen inches above your physical head.

4. Imagine your astral power steaming out of the pores of your body and condensing into a double above you.

5. Imagine yourself climbing a rope or ladder.

6. Imagine yourself as a point of light floating on top of water in a rapidly filling tank. Your task is to exit through a tiny hole in the roof of the tank.

7. Imagine what it feels like to breathe through your ears.

More can be found at: Spiritual Media Sharing

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Astral Projection Using the Christos Technique

I stumbled across this method of Astral Projecting the other day. This technique requires three people to get setup. One person is the subject and will be prepared by the other two. The goal is to use physical techniques in combination with imagery to induce the OBE.It begins with the projector lying down on his or her back in low or darkly lit room. The two helpers adjust themselves to be positioned at the subject's head and feet. The helpers use a fairly rough touch to disorient and create a warm sensation on the forehead's third eye while holding him/her down at the ankles. The forehead is rubbed over and over for 5 to 10 minutes giving the projector a humming / vibrating feeling. This is done until the subject's skin tingles and he/she starts to feel unusually light.

At this point the projector tires to use imagery to visualize his / her feet stretching out - longer and longer, slowly by an inch or two. Once this feeling is reached the same exercise is repeated with the head - stretching out as well. This visualized motion is repeated over and over until the imagined distance is about two feet. The goal is to finally visualize both at once and feel your astral body swelling to the size of the room. As the subject progresses this can take as long as he/she wants until the desired result is completed.

Now the subject should imaging himself/herself outside the front door of the building they are in and attempt to describe everything they see from colors, shapes, objects, sizes, etc. Slowly the projector should rise up and attempt to visualize/see the surrounding city or landscape. Next, the subject should attempt to alter the visualized scene by imagine day turning into night, having the sun rise and set and turning lights on and off. The last step is to attempt to float off to another visualized land of the subject's choosing. The goal at this point is to have very vivid imagery so detailed that anything can be described in detail.

At any time the projector can stop and come back, relax and take some time to get back to a normal state. If repeated over time this can create an effective way of strengthening imagery and visualization while guiding oneself to a stronger astral projection.

This technique was devised by G. M. Glasking, an Australian journalist.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Apollo 11 'UFO' - Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin talks about the 'UFO' which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon. He explains why they didn't describe it explicitly to Houston: “...those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and who knows what somebody would’ve demanded - we turn back because of aliens, or whatever the reason is.”

Dr David Baker, senior Apollo scientist: "The possibility that you might encounter aliens in space has to be considered in a very sensible and positive and realistic way; there were a lot of people within the program who went off later and became convinced that UFOs existed.”

Excerpted from “Apollo 11: The Untold Story”.

NASA: “I just talked to Buzz Aldrin...and he notes that the quotations were taken out of context and did not convey the intended meaning. After the...crew verified that it...was not the SIV-B upper stage...they concluded that they were probably seeing one of the panels from the separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage. These panels were not tracked from Earth and were likely much closer to the Apollo spacecraft....Apparently all of this discussion about the panels was cut from the broadcast interview, thus giving the impression that they had seen a UFO.” - David Morrison, NAI Senior Scientist, 7/26/06