Sunday, April 24, 2011

Astral Projection Guides

I've always wondered who and what my guides would be during an astral journey. Many authors have discussed this aspect of astral projection - both the upside and the downside.

One thing I've learned recently from about six books focusing on mostly the afterlife (psychics, mediums, monks, NDE, etc) is that you must meditate, pray or focus on asking positive guides to help you on your journey. I've read it time and again - ask for help and you will receive.

An example comes from Robert Peterson's 'Lessons Out of the Body' - "Then I looked to my right and saw 'Him.' It was 'the master.' He looked about forty years old.... I knew I had seen him before, although I couldn't pin down when or where. I remember seeing him lift a fully grown man with one hand....I was one of his many students and apprentices...."

Masters seem to appear when you need and ask for help. But, does that always mean an out of body experience is positive? Robert Peterson goes on to note that you can run into other spirits who are not quite so positive. "I came out of my body and was propelled forward...Around me were objects and people. The people I saw didn't look evil, but they didn't look friendly either....They looked dirty....The nearest man looked like he was prepared to fight me. He looked mean and hostile and I could tell by the people's postures and facial expressions that I was being accosted by an astral lynch mob."

From Llewellyn comes this note - "It is true that in a small minority of instances people have reported negative experiences in the astral realm. A few have encountered sinister forms and some even claim to have engaged in psychic combat with them. "No sooner had this unseen force lifted me a few feet than it suddenly hurled me back into myself and I came to," Robert A. Reese wrote of his experience in Fate magazine. "It seemed that something hideous was trying to overpower me." 

My advice? Head right back into your body - don't let any negativity get in your way and always ask for positive light or guidance.