Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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Astral and Physical Dimensions

I was thinking the other day about the word 'dimension' and how it is used by both scientists and by those who work in psychic or astral realms. Many times we hear or read of the dimensions experienced by those out-of-body. Even though it sounds like a very subjective experience, the description seems to make sense to the traveler. As one becomes more experienced traveling the dimensions of our physical plane seem to dissolve when moving to other realms.

On the science side of things we see physicists now talking of a many dimension universe - concepts like hidden dimensions, parallel universes in branes (that's a new term for a 3D universe in a multi-dimensional reality), holes through dimensions, etc. My question is where do these overlap? When someone experiences a new dimension out-of-body and can sense the astral component of a physical object (such as moving their hand through a door or a wall), what really is that component? Will science come to the realization that the dimensions of consciousness are mixed with the dimensions of our physical world?

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I love reading your material and others as well. I wish when i was a young adult. That i could afford to go to college to study about the astral realms, as well. If there was such a thing at that time. It was keep silence as well. Un-till a lot more people starteitd to experience the out-of-body experience. Everything in this universal is a fancy free. It is up to you and others to find out the unknown. isnt' it. Please publish more of your experience and studies I enjoy reading them all.