Friday, March 31, 2006

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Using the OBE Excuse?

Now I have come up with some pretty lame excuses in my day but this may take the cake:
"An Ottawa police constable on trial for shoplifting claimed in court yesterday he was having an 'out-of-body' experience at the time of the theft.
Const. Alec Moraru, 38, told court that when he hid five chocolate bars, four blocks of cheese and three bottles of shaving lotion in his briefcase at a Barrhaven Loblaws store Dec. 9, 2004, he was in a 'dream state' and seemed to be watching helplessly from above as he committed the theft and later fled from two store security officers. 'It was like being a marionette and having the strings taken by someone else,' he said. 'It was like watching a movie or being in a dream.'..."
You can read the complete story at:
Officer links shoplifting to 'out-of-body' experience

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