Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Twisting vs Rising

The other night I was determined to leave my body. Unfortunately it was late and I was very tired. Now, I've followed two forms of the initial steps to start the process. One advocate says that you must relax, and then start imagining that you are twisting your astral body back and forth until it separates. Many times it starts as if you are twisting at the waist and feeling like your body is going to split in half. Then there is a shimmering and a flinging sensation.

The other method that I've encounted is trying to direct your energy straight up from your 'third eye' and then trying to move your spirit parallel to your head as if you are shooting from the top of your head. This is similar to just trying to push your astral body right out the top of your head. For example, you can feel the energy in your solar plexus move up your spine to the top of your head and then concentrate on the vibrational feeling. Sometimes this feeling is noted to be like the bed is starting to float.

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