Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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Astral Technique - Willing Yourself Out of Your Body

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Can you really will yourself out of your body? The concept of dynamic willing was one of the first written techniques of astral travel by a French occult researcher, Charles Lancelin. The book, Methodes de Dedoublement Personnel, written in 1908 describes the techniques of concentrated willing may be one of the best ways to induce an OBE. This technique has been somewhat overshadowed in various popular books on the topic mainly due to newer means of spirit travel via meditation, proper body position and time of day. Focused will, according to Lancelin, seems to drive the person to spontaneous OBEs.

Sylvan Muldoon found that conscious will really seemed to be a form of suggestion to unconscious desire if focused long enough. With enough suggestion being part of your conscious focus you can find yourself spontaneously leaving your body. Now, will may not be enough. However, it may lead to greater ability in the future.

From many of the sources that I have read, having a strong affinity or emotion for the destination of your OBE is critical for the novice traveler. Perhaps the home you grew up in or someone you have strong emotions for can be the target to finally lift you out. I sense that many times the first OBE is a startling experience without a travel from source to destination – just suddenly being somewhere and knowing that you’re in the astral or hyper special world!

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  1. Anonymous2:32 AM

    My first and I think only obe I have had was instant and quick. I have had a lot of vibrations before but never made it out but one night shot out into space into a tunnel like system with stars flying by me and a rune spinning in front of me with a symbol on it to this day I can recollect due to it's massively fast rotation motion. Then all the sudden I was back woke up sat up and was startled and in awe. Went to sleep and have been curious ever since. I do have a bad back and have been on pain medicines and wonder if that had something to do with relaxing me or inducing the invert to happen. I still have vibrations to thisnday but never make it out. Don't know if even trying anymore but lately feel the urge to travel again to possibly get more answers to my previous experience. Any advice would be great