Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Mothman Revisited

I decided to read The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel again. If you haven't read it or seen the movie yet it you really should pick up a copy. It is truly a classic of UFO and Fortean literature. Fortean events tend to tie together in space and time. I happened to see John Keel at a lecture some years ago and was fascinated by the number of odd yet interesting stories he told. From his perspective it seems that if you start down the path of investigating strange and unusual things you start going down the rabbit hole. The more you think and do in that space the more strange things start occurring to you.

Many astral stories are linked by other psychic and strange coincidences. Is there a connection?  Look at this quote about sensations before Mothman sightings:
"One of the most fascinating aspects of reports of the Mothmen is the psychological effect they seem to have on people. Almost universally, those who have encountered the entities speak of them inspiring a sense of deep, almost primal, dread. This, and their perhaps tenuous link to disasters, have led some to speculate that the creatures are not actually physical beings, but instead are some kind of manifestation of a collective unconscious. The theory of the Mothman as a psychic projection is that somehow collective trauma can be a significant enough shock to the minds of those involved that the power of their collective psyches bend space and time to cause one of these creatures to manifest itself before the trauma happens. Exactly how this happens is yet to be explained."

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  1. I like your blob - I experience lucid dreams and OBE's and consider them important for one's development. Can you post some of your OBE experiences?