Monday, February 06, 2006

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Mantras and Projection

I have been doing a bit of research lately on how to induce an astral experience using mantras. Now, what are mantras you might ask? A mantra is a sacred verbal formula or combination of syllables that is repeated over and over again and which has religious or spiritual significance. The use of mantras derives from Hinduism, the word itself deriving from the Sanskrit word 'man' which means 'to think'. The sounds are supposed to mirror the source of all things and the original movements of creation. Although mantras often has devotional significance, they are also used as a meditative tool for developing concentration and removing the noise of day-to-day life within the mind. Many different sounds have been used as simple mantra including the word 'Buddha' to help keep the mind concentrated.

Tibetan monks used very elaborate and systemized techniques to invoke a OBE within the practitioner. Yoga, Tantric Buddhism and Cabalism all have forms of ritual chanting that scholars and witnesses say lead to systems of leaving the body. Cuno Muller described a mantra practice in Die andere Welt that describes a mantra method - a recitation of letter combinations: DC, CK, EF, EK, BF, CR, DR, EB, BD, BN and CU. The first set of 4 are repeated for 5 minutes and the second set of 7 recited for 10 minutes in a cycle of seven repetitions. The only problem with Muller's information is that the exact pronunciations are not given and it is assumed that the combinations are in Hebrew. So, the combination would be daleph-chaf/chaf-kaf/(e)fay/(e)kaf beth-fay/chaf-rash/daleph-rash/(e)beth/beth-daleph/beth-noon/chaf(u). What is exact pronunciation is a mystery.

Other mantras exist as well and there are many documented cases of strange and enlightening effects from this practice. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

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