Monday, February 20, 2006

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OBEs and UFO Abductions

Just how close are alien abductions to out of body experiences? It seems like a very far fetched idea but don't be so sure. If you read much of the material from UFO abduction researchers such as John Mack, Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs you will start to get the feeling that many of the accounts have strikingly similar descriptions as OBEs.

Sometimes alleged abductees can break out of an abduction by shear force of will. This seems to be a clue of its non physical nature. Could there be other clues? Looking at the varied testimony of abductees, one gets the sense of commonality from report to report. One person stated that she was transported through her apartment wall. While others felt someone take them 'by hand' into waiting UFO's. Whitley Strieber, in his book 'Transformation', writes about his attempts at astral travel and the similarity of that experience to his abductions. Strieber writes, 'Of the 690 narratives sent to me by Communion and Transformation readers, only a few appear to support these present theories of abduction. The vast majority instead describe perceptions and experiences far stranger than any reported by mainstream abduction researchers.'

UFO researcher, R Grossinger, notes the inability of contactees to distinguish between the concrete or real and the psychic or hallucinatory. He posits that we may be dealing with both levels of reality thereby creating the current paradox of conflicting abduction testimonies.

Perhaps there is hope that some form of technology will be able to project your astral spirit effortlessly!

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