Sunday, March 31, 2019

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Astral Projection and Meditation

Credit - Nina
Came across this interesting article today. I've always thought that moving into the astral state was a form a meditation. You utilize the same techniques of relaxation and breathing to get to a semi or higher level of consciousness. Here is part of what Baker notes in her article:
"To be fully honest, my experience in the meditation was that once I felt my spirit body leave my physical body, I felt it shoot all the way out into the astral plane within seconds. The problem was, I could hear Nuur still guiding me through the meditation, describing my soul body as "floating inches above my physical body," when in fact I was already feeling completely weightless, out of my body, all the way out in the astral plane. But frankly, that didn't last long. The total experience lasted an hour, and I'd say about 50 of those minutes were of me coming in and out of it, as my thoughts kept bothering me about whether or not I was moving too fast for the meditation. As Nuur took me through each level of the astral plane, I'd felt like I didn't care, and that I wanted to get to the upper layers, which I felt I'd already been drawn to in the beginning. In the moments when I was really able to be present, what I visualized was a scene similar to driving through New York on an EXTREMELY foggy night, with beams of light passing me by, seemingly out of nowhere. Or, if you ever opened your eyes underwater, it was a lot like that."
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