Sunday, March 20, 2016

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Astral Projection Induction - A Time Travel Story

Andrew Basiago
Ok, if you read my post on how our government may seem to know more about astral projection that most of us who have followed it for years, I've stumbled across yet another very odd experiment in the past apparently funded by past black-ops budgets.

I happened to be listening to an older podcast of Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert radio show interviewing Andrew Basiago of time traveling fame. If you don't know who Basiago is I recommend watching this video that tells his back-story. Basiago claims that as a child he was part of a government project that was funded to construct a time travel device in the 1960s. His father was a key scientist/engineer on the project and apparently allowed his son to be a traveler in the device (quite odd in my mind).

There is quite a long story to this, but, when Basiago mentioned astral projection I stopped in my tracks and started to focus on what he was saying to Art Bell. Read this part of the interview:
(Basiago) "I can correct historical record on that -- Ingo Swann often claimed that remote viewing began at SRI in 1972. However, I and my childhood colleagues -- I like to say that we were small mediums at large -- we were doing conventional remote viewing for the Office of Naval Intelligence no later than the fall of 1969. And, in fact, we were tasked -- and it makes sense why we were because John McCain's father was then the commander of the entire pacific fleet of the United States Navy -- we were asked to determine whether lieutenant commander McCain was in the POW compound known as the Hanoi Hilton and if so where he was in the building. I imagine that they either wanted to bomb its location or maybe extricate him from that location. We were doing conventional remote viewing for United States Navy. Then they began manipulating our environment or at least our perception.
One of the things they were doing was spinning us and by spinning us in due to induce inducing out of body experiences. During one of those OBEs I came to a mechanical limit beyond which my consciousness could not could not go any any farther. When I described that machine or that limit to the astral plane -- this was a direct quote from the lady from DARPA who was debriefing me -- she said others have described it; we think it's the technical infrastructure that's propagating the hologram that we find ourselves in -- we're calling it the matrix. This was upon me returning to my body from an induced OBE -- induced by being physically spun clockwise on my back beneath a spiral image on the ceiling at thirty three rotations per minute -- which is certainly a curious number in many ways; for masonic connection, to connection to the recording industry with the 33 rpm records, etc. But we we not only were going out of body but when I reached into physical limit of those OBEs one time that's what the debriefing lady from DARPA said and this was what? 29 years before the production and release of The Matrix trilogy??"
(Art Bell) "I can clearly see how the spinning you talked about, physical spinning, could lead to an alternative...altered state I guess." (Basiago) "Yes, and that was what I call astral time travel. They deracinated our minds almost an shamanic way -- a very tribal way and we left our bodies and went elsewhere and we were questioned about where we went. So that again is very fuzzy logic time travel."
Rotating clockwise on your back? 33 rotations per minute?  Spiral image on the ceiling?  Apparently, there is more to understanding how to induce an OBE than meets the eye.

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