Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Using a Candle Flame for Astral Projection

Using a candle to assist with astral travel
Irina Patrascu - Creative Commons
I thought this was an interesting find by Steve Jones on using a candle to assist with astral projection. I had never really thought about it much but in my quest to look deeper at both Kabbalistic and magick traditions candles do come up quite often as the means to a deeper trance-like state. Also, the candle symbolizes other things as known to ritualistic activities.

Take a look at this quote from the astral pulse site (which I think Steve Jones was referring to):
"When you have rejoined the flame and your two energies are one, you are ready to move your consciousness, your mind and all that is within you into the flame. Gaze into the flame now for a few moments and close your eyes. Do you still see the flame burned into your vision? Keep this picture with you and move the light within you into the flame. See it growing as it fills with your essence. Allow it to grow into a light large enough for you to step through. When your spirit light has filled the flame, your subconscious mind will follow. All that remains is for you to convince your conscious mind to join the walk through the doorway and you are well on your way to a successful astral projection!"
Steve notes in his blog that the candle flame meditation acts as the lure to pull your astral body out. Here's another tutorial (quite psychedelic!!) on YouTube that has some interesting candle techniques.

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