Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Unexplained Shimmering Moment

It started link any other day at work - I was going to another meeting just after my morning coffee at about 9:30am when a very odd feeling came over me. It is difficult to explain but it seemed to be some kind of internal resonance deep within my chest that was starting to radiate outward almost like an extension of a third chakra. As the meeting progressed so did the glow - it started to resonant throughout my entire body!

I was listening and talking to the others in the meeting but felt a lightness of being I don't think I have ever felt before. I had reached a point of such peace and tranquility that I almost floated out of the room. My entire body was now completely tuned to this feeling - I even had the urge to project this feeling to the others in the room!

It was difficult for me to have the meeting end because I wanted that feeling to last as I went back to my desk. I'm investigating what this might be and have been trying to recreate it. I'll write more later - but, it might be tied to a new product I purchased recently.

Oddly enough, just after publishing this account I found this article on Finding Your Own Inner Power. Quote: "The first step toward creating harmony and balance, and ultimately health, is to connect with the natural healing abilities of your personal energy. Your personal energy, experienced as your aura, is the life force energy that moves through and around you. The core of this life force essence within you is your soul-self. Your soul-self is the authentic essence of you. It is the Spirit of you that came into this body when you were born and will live on after this physical body dies. It is the energy source that makes up your energy field and your true being."

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