Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Visualizing the Astral Target

One key ingredient to progressing your astral skills is improving your target visualization. A number of authors have suggested that desire and the right kind of visualization stimulate the force centers and openings to the astral realms.

To do this it is important that your target be well known and a non threatening location. Many times just another room in your home will suffice. Pick an object that you really feel a connection to or a strong desire to see. As you relax into the first deeper states of consciousness hold that desire and visualize the object. This will draw your consciousness toward it. If you are new to projecting then find a location close to your body to ease the separation and newly discovered feelings.

Note that many authors have written that your astral vision will not be the same as physical reality. Keeping that in mind will help you understand what you see when visualizing the target - the target may be distorted, flow, ebb, glow, etc.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Can the target be the genitals of another human being? I'm asking if astral projection can be used for Tantric union and the raising of the Kundalini?