Sunday, May 07, 2006

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First Level of Astral Projection

First levels of astral projection in the physical plane
Nico Nelson
creative commons
I've been collecting accounts of what the first level of projection is like for the experiencers. There seems to be a very thin veil of reality that bridges our waking state from the first moments of leaving the body. The perception of the physical objects definitely have form yet there are unusual differences:

" was night time and the bedroom light was off, however the whole room seemed to be bathed in a greyish 'light'. Secondly, although I could see that I was in the natural surroundings of my bedroom, the ceiling was perhaps three or four times higher than it should have been" (link is gone)

"When astral traveler lngo Swann is out of his body, he often does not see normal objects, which look to him like 'the forms of certain light rays and
ionization of the air around changing light sources,'"

"After exiting my body I moved through the wall and floated out into the rain drenched night. What a gloriously wet feeling that was. I could feel and taste the cool rain and blustering wind passing through me. The smell of rain and wetness was everywhere, seeming to fill me with a bright and happy energy. I floated up to the roof and sat on the chimney, looking out over the town. I felt a little bit like a very wet Mary Poppins. I watched the rain dancing over the roofs and streets, swirling through gutters and gurgling into drains."

"I will never forget the emotional feeling I felt when I put my hand through the door of the cabin. Then, with great excitement, I stepped though the door and onto the deck. I stood there and looked down at the city lights off in the distance, three thousand feet below. I thought, 'Now comes the real test.' In a leap of faith, literally, I closed my eyes and leaped off the end of the deck like Superman. With outstretched arms, I felt myself soaring up into the sky. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw myself high above the mountain canyon. 'Wow! It really is true!' I thought, excitedly."

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